Sunday, June 16, 2013

You won't die if you read a bad book!

A friend of mine is a rather well known thriller writer, but he still gets an occasional bad review. He also has a sense of humor. Here is a review he sent to me:

I normally read Regency Romance novels, and had never read a thriller until I picked up (author’s name) newest novel. It stinks! How anyone could write such drivel is beyond me. I have always been a fan of Michael Jackson, and I thought his Thriller Album was about as good as it gets. This awful novel was nothing like that. It told the story of a family that was murdered in their home. The woman’s son was a NYPD detective and he returned home for the funeral and decided to stay and try to solve the crime. (Picture that actually happening!) I don’t like guns, but it seemed that in every chapter he had a gun in someone’s face. In the final scene, he chased the suspect along a public highway and caused him to have a wreck. There were four five-star reviews, which have to be faked. No one in their right mind would enjoy reading a book where so many bad things happen. A one star review from me, and he is lucky to get that. I want my money back!

Well, what can I say . . .