Friday, September 27, 2013

I really can’t think of anything as frightening as those strange creatures in the movie Jurassic Park unless it is a bear. I am at home with horses, farm animals, and other large creatures, but bears have the capability of generating their own special brand of terror. I was attacked by a brown bear once, and have a picture around here somewhere of the bear’s eyes at the moment our foreheads collided. I was lucky that our collision occurred at the exact moment that the flash on the camera fired. The bear ran off, growling and protesting. I am lucky that she didn’t carry a body part or two with her when she left.

The best stories occur when they spring full-grown from real experiences. Bear Essentials is short enough that you won’t kick your feet around too much while you’re reading it, but it will get your blood pumping. If will be free starting tomorrow on Kindle for your reading pleasure. Drop by Amazon and get your copy, and if you like it, write a review or drop me a note. I hope you enjoy reading it. You can get your copy here.