Friday, February 22, 2008

Got some books taking up needed space? What to do with them.

An increasing number of books have a note inside the cover about the environment and the fact that their book is printed on recycled paper. Recycled paper does, indeed, save a lot of trees and this is a trend that is commendable. Landfills are filling up and books contribute a large part of the waste that goes into them each day. So what are we to do with the books we have read, but aren't going to keep on our library shelves? How about recycling them by passing them along to someone, or even better, to some organization that can put them to use. Most communities already have an organization that collects books and supplies them to libraries, hospitals, and to jail ministries. What do you do if there isn't one in your area? You might want to consider starting one yourself. You can perform a good service, and save a few of those trees that play such an important role in our environment.


susansbooks said...

I read in Lauraine Snelling's newsletter this morning that she is attempting to spread the word about a library in Northwood, ND that was leveled by a tornado. The goal is to collect one ton of books to replace the destroyed ones. The books should be in great condition, and can be mailed media rate to Library Books, 12 N Raymond St, Northwood, ND 58267.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

I donate to my local library and they often forward books to other libraries in need. Interestingly enough, they have asked me to stop donating books, whether they are good or not, from any subsidy press and many small publishers, because they can't hold up. Seems the upkeep costs are too high.