Thursday, August 28, 2008


I have always loved short stories. I am convinced there can never be too many of them, just as there can never be too many Christmas mornings, or too many celebrations of the 4th of July. Most of us started our reading experience with children’s storybooks, usually in our preschool years. I have some of my favorite books in a well-guarded place, safe from little fingers that might dog-ear the pages, or the expectant ones who might want to borrow them. I can still feel the excitement I felt in that long ago era when I settled back in a chair to experience the magic of Sammy Jay, or Tom Cat, or the Brothers Grimm.

Short stories present a challenge to the writer, because they have all the elements of a television commercial. You have to get to the what, where, who and the why of it, in only a few words. I am honored to have two of my short stories appearing in an anthology from Down in the Country Press. The book is called The Black Whole, and it contains 25 stories that vary widely in subject matter. You will be sure to find several of them to suit your mood, and you might want to move your chair while you read in case you need to turn the lights up again. Be sure to have a box of Kleenex handy, and tennis shoes aren’t a bad idea in case you feel the need to run. I have read halfway through the book and I think I will read just one more story before I go to bed. But before I get started on the next story, I think I will check my window. It sounds as if something is pecking on the glass . . . .

The Black Whole anthology is available from the publisher, from Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and other on-line book stores.

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Lise said...

Your sales pitch is quite intriguing, Joe, and I'll be ordering The Black Whole through Amazon!

It sounds as though my taste for eerie and the macabre will be satisfied!

Good luck with the sales.

hayes r said...

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