Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I don’t know the identity of the person who conceived the idea of creating a blog, but he should go down in history along with the guy who created the first light bulb, the telephone, and all of the other life-altering inventions. There are hundreds of millions of blogs around the world and the number is growing daily. There is a little bit of ‘soap box orator’ in all of us. This sudden urge of self-expression can come out of nowhere when we visit a town hall meeting, or any other place where people come together and exchange ideas. Blogs range in content from sites where family members gather and exchange photos of grandchildren, to more serious ones where people advance political ideas, comment on sports, public figures, or the latest book they have read. The only limit to the things you can discuss is your imagination. There are blogs on the Internet that receive thousands of hits daily and others who never receive a visit. There is nothing quite as bad as speaking and having no one listen. I only post an article when I find something of interest. That is not to say that I wouldn’t like to improve my blog and make it more interesting. I was delighted when I ran across the Blog Improvement Project, which is an ongoing effort to help bloggers improve the look and content of their websites. If you have a blog and would like to sign up for this, click on the button at the top and it will carry you to the Project.

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