Saturday, November 28, 2009

Writing Interesting Things

Writers need to write about interesting things. I hope you spend some of your time in research that might be useful in your next writing project. Writers should be inquisitive and this inquisitiveness should lead us to discover the unusual things around us. There are many books that are anything but interesting. Some of them contain well thought out plots that keep us turning the pages well into the night, yet we are unable to remember the story the next day. Dull stories have a way of falling out of our head as soon as we finish the last page. I love writing suspense stories, and in each of my books you are likely to learn something you didn’t know before. I try to incorporate interesting details into a story in such a way that it will make the reader anxious for more, but do so without detracting from the plot. Who would want to read The Great Gatsby if it didn’t contain the many thousands of details of what life was like among the super rich during Fitzgerald’s era? Tom Clancy pushed his novels to the top of the best seller list by letting us know where all of the buttons and switches are located on the latest super weapons. Here is one of the little items of information I ran across today in my endless quest for just one more item to place in my storehouse of trivia. I am surprised that someone hasn’t already used this in a movie. The young woman in this article is called a ‘wine angel.’ She is pulled up and down the side of a wine tower dressed in a catsuit, while suspended from a cable with a rock climbers harness. She locates the proper bottle of wine and carries it down to the customer. You can’t see the floor at the bottom of the tower, but the hero of your next novel might be seated there just waiting for you to motivate him.

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