Saturday, January 15, 2011

Does Science Always Have the Answers?

People who think that science has all of the answers might want to look at a paper published in1873 by a scientists Named Robert Spalding. Spalding was one of many early researchers who attempted to prove theories about nature that were already known by any farm boy. In Spalding’s paper titled ‘Instinct’ he made the following conclusion: ‘A baby chick’s instinct to follow a mother hen originates in its brain.’

In this experiment, Spalding removed the brain from a number of baby chicks and placed them near a clucking hen. His conclusion: Decerbrated chicks will not move toward a clucking or retreating object.

The website Metafilter contains several other groundbreaking experiments. You can find the link below.


diana driver said...

When a writer decides to write children's books, there are tons of "rules" that are supposed to be followed. J.K. Rolwing broke all those rules and gave the kids (and adults) the kind of book they really wanted to read. I'd hoped that after Rowling's success, there would more fiction released that was new and exciting, but alas, the publishers went back to the same ole same ole idea of what would sell.

Joe Prentis said...


It is indeed depressing that so many 'new' trends are suppressed in favor of what worked last year. I am haunted by the thought that hundreds of ideas like Rowling had with the Harry Potter series are rejected in favor of what has already been tested in the marketplace.