Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Susan LeFever Fugitive Story

If you failed to see Oprah today, you missed one of the most fascinating stories to come along in a long time. Oprah’s guest was Susan LeFevre, who was sentenced to 10-20 years for a minor drug offense when she was 19 years old. LeFever had been promised probation, but instead started serving her sentence in a Michigan prison. She managed to escape by going over a fence, made her way to California where she married and raised three children. She was a well-respected member of her community, played tennis, served on committees, and performed community service. He husband or family did not know who she was until the police appeared at her door 32 years later. LeFever’s story has been published at Createspace and will be available on Amazon soon. The title is, ‘A tale of Two Lives – The Susan LeFever Fugitive Story.'
I would say that this book has a story that none of us want to miss.


Pauline B Jones said...

Interesting! There was similar story when we lived in Louisiana. I was surprised at how hard lined some people were about the person going back to jail. I kept thinking, if it was you, what would you want done?

Anonymous said...

The US War On Drugs has been a resoundng failure and has left in its wake the ruined lives of tens of thousands of mostly poor helpless minorities and women (and their families) who left to rot for unspeakably cruel lenghty prison terms. Marie Walsh's book shows how the Prison Industrial Complex created by this ill gotten war is now the real menace in our society.