Thursday, September 1, 2011

Author Randy Rawls

When I visited Randy Rawls website, I immediately saw two things that made me want to know more about this author and what he is trying to say through his books. Rawls has had an interesting and varied existence, which puts him far ahead of so many other writers. To put it simply: A writer must know something through his personal experiences. Research - to which Rawls is no stranger - can get you only so far. The military, government service, and teaching have given him the background to carry his research forward into his novels and short stories. The second thing that made him interesting to me was when he mentioned a century ride on his bike. This is about as good as it gets. There is nothing better to connect a writer to the real world and to God’s green earth.

Randy has just finished his seventh novel, plus several short stories. The latest is Thorns on Roses. Here is a short description of his latest work:

TOM JEFFRIES, a PI in Broward County, Florida, is a man with a past - ex-Special Forces, ex-Dallas cop. But mostly, he's a man driven by a thirst for justice. His brand of justice.
When a seventeen-year-old girl, the stepdaughter of Tom's best friend, dies in the midst of a brutal gang rape, Tom vows to avenge her death.

Abby Archer, an up and coming Associate Attorney at Tom's firm, is assigned to assist him in any legal matters - an assistance he does not invite, and she does not welcome. They begin their relationship as adversaries, but things change . . .

Following a well-laid plan, Jeffries methodically stalks the gang, THORNS ON ROSES. As he eliminates them one by one, the police get closer to connecting him with the disappearances. Rushing will invite catastrophe, but Tom cannot wait.

Randy has said that he strives to entertain his readers.
You can visit his website by clicking on the title of this article.


dkchristi said...

This review entices the reader - it makes me want to read the book and to know more about the author. , author of Ghost Orchid

Milton T. Burton said...

Good review, Joe.

J D Webb said...

Now on my to be read file. Nice interview, Joe.

Betty Gordon said...

Thanks to Joe for bringing Randy tothe forefront and to Randy for writng books that capture the reader.

Good wishes to both of you.

Randy Rawls said...

Thank each of you for the read. And yes, I agree that Joe did a great job.
If any one of you reads THORNS, I welcome your comments -- good or bad -- at
Many thanks again to Joe.

Sylvia Dickey Smith said...

Randy -- himself a thorn among roses (LOL) is one of my favorite authors--and Thorns on Roses does NOT disappoint. One of the few authors whose writing keeps me awake at night reading just one more chapter. Tom and Abby and fantastic--together and apart.

Good work, Randster--you and your white hat.

Rox said...

Interesting review. I think what sets Thorns apart from other vigilante stories is its South Florida flavor.