Friday, December 9, 2011

Free Copy of Abraham's Bones on Kindle

It has always astonished me that there are some people who never read. I have always been immersed in literature, and I feel lucky that I enjoy reading books from every genre. If there was room enough on an automobile vanity plate, mine would say, ‘There’s nothing like a book!’ I have several reasons for writing, but the most important is the desire to give pleasure to the people who enjoy reading as much as I do.

I spent many enjoyable hours writing Abraham’s Bones, a suspense novel about politics, the clash of the three great religions, and terrorism . . . with a lot of romantic entanglement thrown in to make the personalities of the characters come alive. Through Amazon’s promotional program, I am giving free copies away through this weekend. If you like suspense, you are going to love Abraham’s Bones, the first book in three book series. Click on the title of this article to get a free copy for your Kindle.

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