Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kindle eBooks - A Miracle in Our Time!

When I was growing up, we moved from the city into the countryside, away from all of the amenities and conveniences a city has to offer. But most important, we moved away from bookstores and a public library. The schools I attended had few books, and the ones they had were acquired with an awareness that they had to meet the reading needs of children from the first grade through high school. Even when I reached adulthood, you could not always find the books you wanted at your local bookstore, and ordering the one you wanted could sometimes be impossible.

Online bookstores began to appear as soon as the Internet became available to consumers, but many books were prohibitively expensive. To offset the expense of print books and the shipping cost to deliver them, the concept of electronic books came into being. The drawback was the medium to deliver them and a suitable device on which they could be read. Some books were offered on floppy disk, but few of them were sold. It was not until Amazon tackled the problem of how to offer books in a hassle free manner that the concept began to fly. There were many of us who held our breath when the first Kindles came on the market, until we realized that they were actually the miracle that was promised. Amazons plans are to eventually have every book in existence in their marketplace. For an avid reader like me, this is almost too much to contemplate. Thank you Amazon for making my childhood dreams come true!

My latest eBook is now available on Amazon, and for the next five days it will be FREE. You can download it by clicking on the title of this article.

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Lise said...

Joe, having grown up in the suburbs as the daughter of a very liberal librarian, any book I wanted was at fingertips, for which I count mtself lucky. However, if the only place I could buy books was Amazon, I would be wary. I do not care at all for rheir business, practices, but that's a blog post unto itself! I wish,you luck with tour sales, but I do not have a Kindle, so cannot make the exception for your title