Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Book On Amazon

I have a new series available on Amazon. The first book, Wolf Spencer, is FREE. This is a Western series in the tradition of the old west. If you like frontier stories set in the post-Civil War era; this is the book for you.

When John Spencer returns to town after three years of living with the Cheyenne, he does not expect much of a welcome, but it doesn’t matter that much, because he doesn’t intend to stay that long. From the moment of his arrival he is confronted with the problems he ran away from when his parents were killed. There are those who will stop at nothing to make him leave, and others who are willing to pay any price to make him stay. The Indians called him Wolf and he has a reputation to match. There is a price on his head, bounty hunters on his back trail, and the army with a warrant for his arrest. And if that isn’t trouble enough, there is Shannon the one he loves. This is the first book in The Renegade series.

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