Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Between Wyomings is the story of Ken Mansfield’s rise from his boyhood home in Idaho, to the top of his profession as a producer for Apple and at Capitol Records. Mansfield was a driving force in the record business during the thirty years of his career in Los Angeles, New York, London, and Nashville. He produced albums for many of the top stars in the profession, including Waylon Jennings, Jessie Colter, Glen Campbell, the Beatles, Don Ho, Roy Orbison, and Andy Williams. If you like music, you are going to enjoy the interesting anecdotes that bring these legendary recording artists to life between the pages of this book.

Mansfield tells his story while on a nostalgic journey of three months, that carried him across the nation to revisit the locations of his greatest accomplishments and failures. As he focused on what he accomplished and the things he failed to do, Mansfield realized that his driving ambition was actually a search for the true meaning of life. Finding Christ through Connie, the woman he met and married while working on Music Row in Nashville, was the pivotal point in his life and career. Mansfield’s story is one of triumph and failure, presented in a tasteful way that entertains and inspires. This is one man’s epic journey toward faith and the perilous road that led him there. You are going to love this book.

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