Sunday, March 13, 2011

Do you need an Ebook?

When the first computers became available for home use, I rushed out and purchased one, excited over the many things I would be able to do with it. A typewriter’s usefulness was limited, most of it confined to just placing words on a blank sheet of paper. Revisions were a nightmare. A computer was a lot more exciting than a typewriter, for they had spellcheckers, a thesaurus, plus a number of programs that could be used for research. The advent of the Internet created a great advance in fulfilling the wish list of almost every writer. A completed novel is a long body of text that can be scrolled through rather easily, and I wondered why you could not market the finished manuscript in that form. I searched until I found a company that was attempting to market books on computer disk. My first book was off and running– I thought– but sales were slow and disappointing. I still thought it was a good idea, but many good ideas take a long time to develop because it simply isn’t their time. I was pleased when Ebook readers finally came on the scene. There was a saving for everyone concerned. Fewer trees were consumed, affordable prices, no expensive presses to run, no postage, and immediate acquisition of the purchased product. No one could argue with that.
I have just placed four of my books on an Ebook site at a reduced rate. Ninety-nine cents for each of them is a bargain if you like to read. You can find each of them at Smashwords, and I think you will like the variety of literature they represent. There is a little something for everyone. Click the title at the top of the this post and it will carry you to the site.


Jacqueline Seewald said...

Wishing you much success!

Jacqueline Seewald

The Belle in Blue said...

I'm asking for a Kindle for my anniversary present in April. I already buy tons of books, but I may not see the light of day again after I get the Kindle!