Thursday, June 30, 2011

The right way to celebrate the 4th of July

There are so many things to celebrate on the 4th of July that I hardly know where to start. All across the country, there will be marching bands, fireworks, and long speeches to remind us of the sacrifice our forefathers made. Television will probably schedule some patriotic films like Pearl Harbor, or perhaps one of those mega productions about the American Revolution. Occasionally, some journalist will write an article about the ‘wrong’ way of celebrating the event, giving a thumbs down to recreational activities, and picnics. But I think they are missing the whole point of the 4th of July. The members of our military did not serve in the Wilderness Campaign, Okinawa or the Battle of the Bulge because they wanted to support some politician or a new bill in congress. They served because the wanted to return to their families and take part in boisterous family activities, to hug children and grandchildren, and to lie on their back in the park and watch fireworks arch toward a star-studded sky. So the next time someone tries to put you on a guilt trip because you roll out the BBQ grill, offer them a hotdog or a slice of watermelon. Have a real celebration that includes baseball, water guns, ice cream, and a ride to the park. If George Washington was still here I think he would approve. After all, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is what America is all about.


~kate said...

I love this, Joe!

Every year on the 4th, my parents would load us up and visit friends who had a cabin on the lake. There was plenty of food, fun and fireworks! The irony here is that my birthday is July 6 and I always thought the party was for me. My parents never told me any different. :)

I love the 4th! I love spending a boisterous joyful time with my family. And now, I suddenly have this strange urge to go eat a hot dog.

Milton T. Burton said...

This was right on the mark. The purpose of liberty is to be able to enjoy life.

Sally A Wolf said...

We are going to have a campfire and roast up some hot dogs and marshmallows. Plus we have family coming up.