Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Should Teens Have Freedom of Speech

In an ideal setting, your teenage years should be the best time of your life. Few responsibilities and your whole future in front of you, with ample support to fix the things that are important. Texting, tweeting, emails, and long conversations on a cell phone keep teens connected in ways that were never possible before. The life of a young person is totally wrapped up in communication with family and friends. So what is my problem, you might wonder, in suggesting that teens should not enjoy the same freedom of expression as mature adults? I am not suggesting that teens are stupid, clueless, or irresponsible. I am only suggesting that as the rest of their life unwinds in front of them, there will always be the looming specter of those stupid things they said when they were seventeen. Among the worse offenders are unwise things posted on Facebook which might include - oh, my - those photos that you thought no one would ever see. How about your high school yearbook? Would you want your future wife or husband to leaf through it and read some of the statements? How about some prospective employer checking the most expressive sentiments you emailed to a friend. Would you really want Hitler to attend the Junior Prom as you stated in your yearbook? Click on the title to this post and read about the problems resulting at one school from unwise statements made by a number of students. See if it makes you think.

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