Saturday, January 20, 2018

By suspense author Christina Kovac

There are few writers who are capable of turning out a good novel at first try. I suspect that the success of this book is the fact that Kovac is familiar with her subject matter, which is broadcast news. All of the characters in this thriller are believable. They sometimes react in ways that aren’t predictable, which keeps the attention of the reader riveted on the plot. Most thriller novels are ‘whodunits,’ but this one also has a ‘whydunit’ element woven carefully into the plot. Readers will find themselves chasing through buildings, darkened streets, and strategy meetings trying to find out the identity of the perpetrator-- and if that isn’t enough, we are treated to a very real situation where people have failed to realize their best potential. Love, jealously, rage, and vengeance all play a part in this story. If you like thrillers, mystery, suspense, and a darn good story, you are going to like this book. I give it a solid 4-star rating. You are going to like ‘The Cutaway.’ Grab a copy at your first opportunity.

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