Thursday, January 18, 2018


Some TV commercials are works of art. They amuse us and some are too cute for words. It seems that the worse, most annoying ones are played and replayed for most of our lifespan. I love the Breath Right commercial where the little girl is videoing her mother who is in bed with a cold. I also love the dog commercials. My least favorite is the Liberty Mutual commercial where the young student tells about a automobile named Brad that is totaled in a wreck. Everything is terrible until Liberty calls and ‘you break into your happy dance.’ While I don’t like this commercial, I was surprised at so many other people hating it. One aspiring critic said that the young woman in the commercial was a student at the University of Michigan. As he expressed it, he would like to carry her out on a date to a hair stylist and “have them teach her how to use a curling iron on her damned old hair.” That was a little too blunt for my taste, or maybe not. They do this in our living rooms so we should have a say regarding what they annoy us with. Some commercials rank up there with a Whoopee Cushion in the wrong chair at a state dinner. I have been good since I found out that Santa Clause was “Making a list and checking it twice.” Come on, guys. Try to do better with your ads. The elf on a shelf is watching you too.

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