Friday, November 9, 2012

British Singer Danica Hunter


I have always loved music, especially the kind that is wonderfully different, and stirs something deep inside of me. In a recent interview on a writer’s website, one of the questions was, ‘what kind of music do you like?’ I quickly ran through the list of music that lives inside my head, but could not come up with an answer that made sense, even to me. I love classical, rock, new wave, country, but especially music from the Middle East with its driving beats and unfamiliar instrument that soar and wail, as if they are somehow attuned to those things inside of us that cannot be expressed in words. Something that is new on the American music scene is a type of dance music that had its origin in South London. It is called Dubstep. It is a genre of dance music, heavy on acoustical effects, and a rhythm that can get you out of your chair and on to the dance floor.


When I am on Twitter, or any other social media, I always take a look at the websites in the member’s bio. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised. When I visited the site of a young British singer named Danica Hunter I was immediately captivated. While Danica is only 18-years-old, she has performed with such notable performers as Sting, and I predict that she has a great future ahead of her. But don’t take my word for it. Here is a link that will carry you to the BBC site where you can hear her newest hit called Heartbeat. I think it is wonderful. I will be waiting for more from this performer and I don’t think I will be disappointed.


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