Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Joe Pickett series by C. J. Box

It is always good to find a great writer, and especially when the author has created an interesting series. C. J. Box is one of those writers. Not only has he done an excellent job of creating believable stories, he has created a central character that seems as real as the people you encounter in everyday life.

I love police procedural novels, as well as the ones that have private detectives as the main character. It is a double bonus when an author comes up with a new type of hero. In Box’s Joe Pickett series, the main character is a game warden in Wyoming. In COLD WIND he is faced with the problem of keeping his wife’s mother from being convicted of murder. The book has the outdoor magic of a traditional Western novel, but in a modern day setting. There is no doubt that Box researched this book carefully. It is a robust story containing all of the elements we expect in a suspense novel. At last count, there were eleven novels in the Joe Pickett series. You are going to love them all. You can find all of his books on his Amazon page at this link:


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