Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Cell Phone Menace

You probably saw the story on the morning news about the woman that was evicted from the Amtrak for talking too loud on a cell phone. After ten straight hours of this, the passengers objected. The train stopped and the police held the passenger until a family member could arrive and pick her up. I am still laughing over the story, for I have had similar experiences. I bet you have too.

There are few inventions that have changed our lifestyle as much as a cell phone. Most of the changes help us in positive ways. A generation ago, automobiles were less complicated and help was only a hike away. Today, there are few places where a car can be repaired, except for an authorized dealer.

And then there are the things like accidents, health issues, crime, and a dozen others, where we can summon professional help with a 911 call. Businesses are becoming more innovated and the competition is fierce. Some business owners have a need to be instantly available to their customers. A lot of problems can be solved with a brief phone call.

In the past, soldiers on a battlefield were weeks away from any communication with their family or friends at home. There have been many instances where a mother or father serving in the military has joined in on a birthday celebration from halfway around the world.

So here is my solution to the problem of cell phone annoyance. After the first minute of conversation, say excuse me to the caller and take a quick look around. If you see steam coming out of someone's collar, or an expression like Hannibal Lector's in 'The Silence of the Lambs,' try to cool it. I certainly don't want to lose any of you after we've had so much fun.

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